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Spell with flickr and geoGreeting

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To celebrate my new job as Dixie Magnet Elementary’s Librarian/Media Speciaist I created this image using using Spell with flickr.  This tool can be used to dress up a teacher’s classroom blog or allow students to practice spelling words online.

geoGreeting is similar to Spell with Flickr in concept. The difference is that geoGreeting shows images of various buildings photographed from a satellite from Google Earth. The effect is instant, because the website preloads a bunch of images for each letter of the English alphabet.  If you mouse over any of the letters, you’ll see the location of the building on a global map.

Students could input various words and investigate one of the locations from the image.

Students could also use the images to mash up in other applications.


Click on the image to use the interactive geoGreeting site

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