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Build Your Wild Self – Springboard to Science Writing

printImageBuild Your Wild Self sponsored by New York Zoos and Aquarium and will motivate students to research and write  Build Your Wild Self is a cool tool to create avatars using different animal parts and attaching them in a human body. Children can easily create a wild creature following simple steps.

The best part about this tool is that you don’t need to sign up. Start with choosing the human body and browse through the different parts that you can add such as nose, hair, legs, arms etc.Then add some animals ears, bottoms, tails, backsides, arms, face and headgear. As you choose the body parts, you can also hear the sounds of the animals. When it is over, choose a background and click I’m done.

Here are some ideas for you how to use this tool with your students:

  • Student can create a story about their new wild selves.  How did they become this exotic creature?  Were they born this way or was it a terrible lab accident?
  • Students who are learning about animal adaptations can describe their animals and explain how the adaptation is helpful and necessary for the animal’s survival.
  • Once the animal is created the program provides information about each animal that is represented. Students can choose to research each individual animal and support why or why not this animal could survive in a given habitat.  How is each body part suited for a given environment?
  • Explain why this animal is truly a fictional animal.
  • Show how this animal represents your true self.  The student has to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses and support their conclusions.
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