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Using Biteslide to Present Research Projects with Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd graders at Tilden Hogge Elementary School


I stumbled upon Biteslide a few months ago and have been sharing the application with my Tilden Hogge Teacher friends.  The application is sort of a cross between Powerpoint, Glogster,and Padlet (formerly Wallwisher).  However the application is so simple and sleek even a kindergartner can create with it.


Even though I only have examples from Mrs. Withrow’s second grade class study of domesticated animals, other classes enjoyed using Biteslide as well. Mrs. Keadle’s kindergarten created slides related to Chinese New Year and Mrs. Fannin’s class created slides using primary sources related to the Civil Rights movement.

Student’s researched their topics using nonfiction books found in the school library collection and also used Sweet Search and

sweet search

These projects were created by Mrs. Withrow’s 2nd Grade Class.


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Click on the image to view student work.






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