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Lib 801 Assignment : Poll–Daniel Boone Comic Life 2 Digital Story

Comic Life 2 Example

Comic Life 2 Example

The purpose of this assignment is to practice creating and responding to polls via our personal/professional  blog.

The questions are designed to provide feedback to instructor and students about the Daniel Boone Digital Story.

LIb 801 Classmates please respond to each question.  

Thank you for your participation!


Introduction to Comic Life- This was not a course assignment

This post is not part of our course assignments.  I am posting to practice placing HTML files into my blog.  I also wanted to try to upload my Camtasia video.

The video below was created in response to a Camtasia assignment for Lib 801.  Last week we used Comic Life 2  to create a photo story related to Daniel Boone.  comic to life daniel boone 2 pdf.

This week we were asked to create a video using Camtasia.  The video needed to feature a screen capturing video and audio.  The video that I created is to motivate high school history teachers to use Comic Life 2 in their classrooms.

Introduction to Comic Life – This link will open the video in Camtasia Studio a sharing site for  Camtasia/Jing (free!!)/Snagit users.  This link allows the viewer to click on the video screen and open hyperlinks (hotspots) embedded into the video.

Even though Camtasia provided an embed code I could not get the video to show up on the blog.  I decided to upload the video to YouTube so it would appear on my blog and be viewed on the blog site.  However, YouTube does not support the hyperlinks (hotspots) so the viewer cannot access the links provided in the video.

After viewing a couple of my classmates videos I am thinking my setting must be a bit off.  Their videos playback in a much larger window than mine and my images are blurred.  I need to figure out what I am doing incorrectly.  Any suggestions?


Consider these classroom uses:

Timelines (history, events, sequences)

Historical figures (history of, life of, recreate a key moment in history)

Recreate a geography field trip, document school outings

Illustrate safety in sport.

Instructions (step by step, details, illustrations, easy to follow)

Give a voice to electrons, leaves, planets and internal organs create a dialogue between them.

Dialogue punctuation

Reproduce a drama, create a comic based version of a Shakespearian play, recreate the dialogue from a movie.

Character analysis

Plot analysis


Foreign Languages: Illustrate a conversation and dialogue in real life scenarios presented in comic book format.

Creative Arts: Experiment with new artistic styles.

Technology and Applied Sciences: An illustrated cook book, a metalwork safety primer, computer software how-to’s

Geometry: Create a tongue in cheek analysis of shapes and angles wherein the comic book characters are debating the pros and cons of the cartoon panel shapes that entrap them.

Create eye catching and engaging worksheets, flash cards, lesson plans and much more.

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