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Embedding WP #1.pdf document

For this post I needed to embed my Daniel Boone pdf file.  I was unable to get an embed code using Google Docs.  My file drop down menu did not contain the “Publish to the web…” option.  My pdf file was too large.  Since I was unable to embed the pdf files using an embed code I decided to insert the images using the gallery option from the media options.  That was okay for viewing, but the file was not showing up like others in my class.  I was not happy.

During our Webex on Tuesday night one of the students suggested that I try a free pdf compressor found on-line.  I tried a couple and they either did not work or after downloading the trial I could not publish without purchasing the software.  So another dead-end.

Then finally, I upload the pdf file to my hotmail Skydrive.  The Skydrive allowed me to create HTML code! Hallelujah!  Below are the results.  So sorry Dr. Kolloff I did not use Google Docs, but I did embed using code!



Comments on: "Embedding WP #1.pdf document" (2)

  1. David C. Dixon said:

    Trying this link —

    • Thanks David for the link. I did try this and it did not work. I ended up uploading to my hotmail Skydrive which handled the large file. The Skydrive gave me an embed code that I could use for my post.

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