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Claudett Edie

Claudett Edie - Future Librarian

Welcome to my blog! This is a space for me to image my future as a library media specialist and to share my passion for information literacy. I hope to one day emerge as a game changer for information literacy in a public school library/media program.

I am currently an Eastern Kentucky University graduate student completing a Masters in Library Science. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education (Science/English concentration), a Masters in Middle School Education and a Masters in School Administration from Morehead State University.

The content and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the view of anyone except myself, nor are they endorsed by anyone except myself.  This blog was not created as a course requirement.  I want to challenge myself  to become more transparent as I explore 21st century literacies.

To become a leader in the field of library science I must engage in digital literacies.  One day I will teach my students how to become participatory learners as well.

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  1. hi claudett! thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas, information and great links!

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