Promoting Information Literacy One Click At a Time

After recieving our Idenfication badges we proceeded to safety training for SOFIA. SOFIA is a modified Boeing 747 Special Preformance airplane so the safety debriefing is a bit different from a commmerical airplane. Most of the passenger seats have been removed and have been replaced with computers, worktables, monitors, and of course the infrared telescope. So when you enter the plane you notice airmasks have been relocated, seatbelts attach differently, and oxyen tanks are located near each seat. During our safety training we learned how to open all the exit doors, how to exit the top of the plane as well as side exit via inflateable ramp (which can be detached and used as a “boat” in case of water landing), and we learned how to use the various oxygen masks. During our flight we were required to carry an EPOS with us at all times. The EPOS was our personal oxygen system and contains about 10 minutes of oxgyen, it is basically a bag you put over your head that would be inflated with oxygen.

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