Promoting Information Literacy One Click At a Time

I use my Twitter account to follow leaders in the library science and technology fields.  One a regular basis, I search through the tweets that have been shared by these individuals.  By reading the tweets and viewing their blogs and links I gain great insight into new and exciting technologies that are occurring in the field of library science.  I try to search for ideas and software that may engage and stimulate students in the classroom.  Once I find something I think teachers or librarians can use I post it here on my blog.


KMtheLibrarian Super Librarian!

Last night I was checking out KMTheLibrarian ‘s blog.  KM is currently attending the iste 2011 Conference in Philadelphia and is sharing via Twitter all the great things she is seeing at the conference.  I am following others who are attending the conference as well.  This is one example of how Twitter is a must for professionals.  I am not physically attending the iste conference  but I am in the mist of all the action! You can be too, check out these links.

iste2011 conference ning link

iste 2011 conference Twitter link

Okay, I am off topic…

Last night I was checking out KMTheLibrarian’s blog.  KM spent six months as an Emerging Leader.  She has been following amazing teacher librarians and shared some of their work on her blog.  If you want to Steal some of 2011 Emerging Leaders ideas and resources Click Here

As I paged down KM’s blog I found a great tool that I had not read about.  YouTube Search Stories.

KMtheLibrarian shared this story created by Kim Ha.

After viewing this I just have to make one!  I know exactly how I would use this at the beginning of school!  I would create my story around students returning to school after summer break and inviting them to check out what is happening in the library.  I would then post QR codes around the school that provide links to the YouTube Search Story.  Finally, I would work with teachers to help them create Stories to introduce their classes or themselves.

Students would enjoy creating their own stories as well, maybe as an icebreaker.

Later teachers could create story starters for student journal entries using this tool.

History teachers could have the students create a search leading up to an event.  For example student could create a search as if they are John Wilkes Booth.  What searches would he conduct to carry out his plan?

Students could create stories related to novels they have read or from the view-point of a favorite character.

Are you STIMULATED?  Create your own story.

I can’t stop!  This story highlights my journey from high school science teacher to future librarian.

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