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Skype In Classrooms

From the Kentucky Department of Education website.

“New teacher network
Skype has launched a network dedicated to teachers called “Skype in the Classroom.” The new network allows users to post and search for projects to collaborate on and find other teachers by location on a map. More than 8,600 teachers have already signed up for this network.”

Yesterday, at the Morehead State University Librarian Symposium,  I attended an insightful  session on Video Conferencing presented by Karla Aleman.  She not only gave us many links to different presentation options, but she also gave us insight as to how to locate speakers.

1.  Contact your local media source newspaper, radio, t.v. stations, they have an expert guide that they refer to when they need a quote from an expert such as a doctor, lawyer, environmentalist, etc.  Many times these experts will be willing to video conference with a class.

2.  Contact Organizations – Most often large organizations have speaker bureaus.  These are people who promote the organization, however can offer expert advice regarding the organization’s main cause/purpose.  Please note these speakers may charge a fee.

3.  “Piggy Back” off of Another Event – If a local book store, college campus, neighboring school is hosting an author, see if you can split the fee and have the author video conference or visit your school as well.

Looking for an Author to visit your school?

This is Blog that has allows you to search by state.

This site allows you to search by author or illustrator

You can also determine if an author will video conference with your school by visiting their website or the publishers website.


Most  authors charge a fee, video conferencing is the cheapest route to explore.

Many schools use their Book Fair profits to sponsor these events.

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