Promoting Information Literacy One Click At a Time

June 14, 2011 in May Design Challenge by David Bill

Next Chapter – Imagine Designing the Future of K-12 Libraries – A Podcast

“Last month we asked a number of experts from different fields about their tagline for the future of the library and what it meant to them. In this second episode, we spoke to four librarians from around the country. Each librarian gave her tagline as well as some insight into a number of different topics that gave us a better picture of what they thought would be the future of the library.”

My favorite quote from the podcast is by Beth Friese  from Georgia, “Past libraries were about nouns, about books, about objects about circulating those objects, about things. We really need to be thinking about verbs, about what we do in the library. It shouldn’t be about where we go to get stuff, it should be about where we go to do stuff.”


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