Promoting Information Literacy One Click At a Time

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner offer vision for teaching and learning to both guide and beckon our profession as education leaders. They will both shape the library program and serve as a tool for school librarians to use to shape the learning of students in the school.  I will strive to become the changing force in my school to provide support for students and faculty as we meet the challenge of our ever-changing digital world.

The following is an over view of possible programs that I will sponsor to engage our students and bridge the digital divide and promote literacy:

Poetry Slam

April is National Poetry month.  Students across the district will be challenged to create original works and compare their creations during our Poetry Slam Event.

Motivate students to write poetry!
Let’s host a Poetry Slam!
Don’t know what a Poetry Slam is exactly?
View video for a short tutorial.

Kentucky Bluegrass Award Winners

Cast Your Vote Now for the 2011 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Winners. Read at least two books from the list and you may cast your vote for the 2011 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Winner.

Book Talks

Parents and Students – Join us for BookTalk
Every Wednesday after school between 3:20-4:20 p.m.

Join us as we discuss the novel

The Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. 

YOU are always welcome to the group and you may join  the discussion at any time.

Battle of the Books

According to the America’s Battle of the Books website, ABB, is a reading incentive program for students in grades 3rd-12th. Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read. The competitions are similar in style to the TV series Family Feud or Whiz Kids styles of competition.

I would like to work with the district librarians to form teams to first compete on a local level and then as interest grows compete with area schools.

Student interest in the competition can also spark video promotion contests.  Enjoy this clip from two high school competitors.

E- Readers

Read about the use of Kindles, Nooks, and IPad in our schools.

E-books enthrall young readers, so libraries try to keep pace: Nashville libraries and schools load up on titles for new technology

To promote the digital technologies now available to school libraries I will develop an electronic library for our students.  Kindles, Nooks, and or IPads will be purchased through donations from local businesses.

Students and faculty will also be encouraged to download books onto their own digital devices.

21st Media Course

I will collaborate with an English or Social Studies teacher to teach a  21st Media course.  The course will be rooted in connectivism, inquiry, and participatory literacy.  Students will creating their own research “dashboards” and personal learning networks. The classroom teacher and I will help students engage in their learning experiences and  assist the students in evaluating  informational sources more critically.

The 21st Media Course will involve participatory learning experience through the use of social media and cloud computing to cultivate collective knowledge building and inquiry. Using tools ranging from Netvibes to Evernote to Google Sites, students will blog, contribute to group wikis, use social bookmarking, develop learning/research portfolios and present learning in a way that demonstrates an ethical use of information and licensed media. The program will meet Kentucky State Performance Standards and the American Association of School Librarian’s Standards for 21st Century Learners.

Ideas and motivation for this course comes from Buffy Hamilton, a Creekview High School Librarian from Canton, GA.

Motivating Students

As students use emerging technologies to network and share information I will document their growth through slideshows, blogs, and personal video interviews which I will be post on the school’s library blog.  Below you will find examples of the participatory engagement I will provide for the students.

Examples taken from Creekview High School in Canton, GA

Media Consortium

Due to budget cuts in not only local, but also in state funding, sharing of resources will be necessary to maximize school resources.   I will work closely with Morehead State University and The Local Public Library to pool not only print resources, but also electronic resources such as costly reference databases.

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